Info for Property Owners

Owning and maintaining a rental property is a specialised business. A professional property manager works in the best interests of the property owner, and has the time, knowledge and expertise to effectively manage your property on your behalf.

What we do for you

Property management

Amongst other things, a property manager can:

  • Manage the relationship with your tenant effectively.
  • Give you the peace of mind that your asset is in good hands & is being well taken care of.
  • Ensure rent payments are made in accordance with the agreement.
  • Ensure that the maintenance of your property is kept up to date.
  • Provide you with an arms-length relationship with you tenants, which can be particularly useful in any negotiation, review or termination of tenancy.
  • Regular quarterly inspections and reporting ensures that your asset is kept in good condition.
  • Property investment is about maximizing your returns and we are experienced property specialists dedicated to effectively managing your investment to help you achieve this.
  • We market your property effectively using a number of methods including our site and the most utilized websites.
  • Our niche market of providing quality homes for quality tenants sets a high standard.

Why choose NCO Properties


Our strengths:

  • As landlords ourselves we understand what it is like to rent out a home we own.
  • Direct personal attention. You will be assigned a dedicated Property Manager.
  • Our expert knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act (RTAA) 2010 will help you avoid the pitfalls of what can be quite complicated legislation. It’s a highly specialized aspect of real estate and is fraught with the potential of litigation.
  • Detailed account statement each month from our accounts team.
  • Rent paid directly into your account on the 1st of each month.
  • Prompt attention to necessary repairs/maintenance. We have a network of qualified tradespeople to carry out everything from minor repairs to complete refurbishment.
  • The stringent checks we make prior to a tenant signing a rental agreement will minimize the chances of rent not being paid or being late, however, if this did happen, we have a process in place to manage such an eventuality.

What else we can provide

Other services

We can also provide the following services:

  • Tenant finding with background checks
  • Market rental appraisals
  • Healthy Homes assessment reports
  • Initial advice on accounting setups to avoid possible pitfalls and maximizing profits.
  • Advice on what is required to prepare your home to be a rental.

Referral program for existing clients and real estate agents

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