Michaela and Nicholas

I would like to provide my support for Neal Williams in the “Landlord of the Year” competition.

My partner Nicolas and I have rented Neal’s Auckland City apartment on two occasions. The first from November 2019 to February 2020 and the second from June 2021 till present. Throughout both our tenancies, we have received excellent service and support from Neal.

In regard to our first tenancy, Nicolas and I had come straight from University, moving to Auckland for Nicolas’s internship. Neal accommodated us with both a short-term lease (approximately 3 months) and was prepared to give us a chance coming from University flatting situations.

Upon moving in, we were provided with clear helpful instructions to navigate the apartment and the carpark. We were provided with a fully furnished apartment and able to request anything missing that was required.

Upon our second tenancy and moving back to Auckland, Nicolas and I felt comfortable getting back in touch with Neal to see if the apartment was available. On returning to the apartment, Nicolas and I had certain financial limitations and Neal was more than accommodating, providing us with a weekly rate within our tight budgets. Upon moving in, Nicolas and I had a piece of furniture gifted from family that we were eager to have in the apartment. Neal went over and above to make this possible, allowing us to move it in. Throughout our tenancy, if we had any issues, which due to the quality of the apartment were few, Neal was fast to respond, and we trusted Neal to fix the issue as soon as possible. The apartment inspections in addition were given with plenty of notice.

Recently, Nicolas and I have needed to vacate the apartment earlier than our tenancy agreed upon due to personal reasons. Neal has been extremely supportive and understanding of our situation and efficiently looked into options to allow us to end our tenancy early. Throughout this process, I was also provided with a fantastic reference from Neal for a tenancy I have needed to start in Christchurch.

To reiterate, I would like to provide my utmost support for Neal in the “Landlord of the Year” competition.


Michaela and Nicholas