Info for Tenants

Welcome to your new home. As you are aware, the property you are renting is managed by NCO Properties on behalf of the owner, and we will be your point of contact throughout this tenancy. We would like to draw your attention to the following points to ensure your tenancy is a happy one, and to enable us to offer you the best possible service.

Start of the tenancy

Lease Agreement

A fixed term lease is a binding contract. Please be aware of what you are signing. A “Head Tenant” is nominated prior to signing, and our dealings are with that person. These requirements are necessary for your own protection as tenants. You should also have contents insurance to protect your belongings, and a personal liability policy to protect you from any careless damage you or your guests may cause


We collect the bond from you and lodge it with Tenancy Services. Tenancy services hold the bond for the duration of the tenancy.

Rental payments

Your rent must be paid on time, every time, as specified. Arrangements can be made to align the rent day with your pay day so that an automatic payment can be set up.


Unless pets are specifically allowed (and appropriate special conditions are included on the tenancy agreement at the time of signing) NO pets are allowed at any time during your tenancy. Therefore, having a pet on the rental property could seriously jeopardize your tenancy.

During the tenancy

Property Inspections

Property Inspections will be carried out on a quarterly cycle as part of the contract that we have with our property owners. We expect the property to be presented in clean and tidy condition and the grounds tidy at all times. We will always email you in advance – your co-operation is appreciated. We will make appointments for inspections.

Maintenance and Repairs

General maintenance and upkeep of the property and grounds is the responsibility of the tenant, unless otherwise stated.

Essential maintenance and repairs (especially to fixtures and fittings) will be carried out by our tradespeople as required. Please submit a request, using the maintenance request form, and ensure that you complete all fields.

The afterhours contact telephone number for an URGENT situation requiring immediate assistance is 021 934233. This after hours number must only be used in an emergency (e.g. serious plumbing/drainage, electrical or structural damage problems). Use of this after hours number for anything other than these serious issues will incur a cost to tenant. Early detection of problems and rapid remedial action is desirable for both tenant and owner.

Listed below are some of the situations where the tenant is responsible for remedy, repairs and maintenance.

  • Blocked Drains (if investigation shows tenant negligence)
  • Grounds and lawns (unless specified otherwise)
  • Whenever a tradesman has been called out on a false alarm
  • Any damage done to the property during a tenancy eg reglazing windows, broken door panels, gates, fences and garage doors, damaged door locks, flyscreens, roofs damaged by installation of radio or TV aerials, damaged clothesline or damage to any furniture
  • Replacement of light bulbs
  • Replacement of plugs for baths, basins, sinks and waste disposal units
  • Any other damage caused through negligence or mis-use by the tenant

Ending the tenancy

Vacating the property

Prior to vacating the property, please ensure that:

  • The house has been left clean and tidy, especially whiteware, carpets, widowsills and woodwork, stove and all surfaces.
  • Personal possessions and rubbish have been removed from the property.
  • Lawns and grounds are tidy and well maintained as at the commencement of the tenancy.
  • Disconnection of telephone, gas and electricity has been arranged, and a forwarding address for all mail has been recorded.
  • All keys must be delivered to our office by 12 noon on the first working day after the date of vacation unless otherwise arranged.
  • We will email you a detailed checklist on receipt of notice.


A bond inspection will be carried out as soon as possible after vacating the property, and upon receipt of the keys to the property. Provided that the terms of your Tenancy Agreement have been adhered to, the bond will be refunded by the Department of Building and Housing. Where the property requires additional cleaning, maintenance etc, the cost will be deducted from the bond. This could cause delay in refunding the balance, therefore we recommend attention to all points noted in the “moving out” checklist.