The Elboroughs

I am pleased to have been asked to write a reference for “Landlord of The Year” for Neal Williams as from first point of contact with Neal he has been nothing but sharp with his communication and eager to make the renting process run smoothly for us.

We have rented many properties, first when we arrived in NZ, then whilst we are building new homes. Neal is up there with the best Landlords we’ve work with. We have a good relationship with him and always find Neal to be professional yet works with any requests we have and tries to meet them.

I first contacted Neal early one morning desperately trying to find a decent property for my husband and I to live in whilst we built our new home. Within 1 hour he had responded and by that evening we were viewing his rental property. Very quick! Even though he had many other potential tenants after his rental, Neal patiently gave us a few days to secure our building and mortgage plans before committing to a years rental contract which we greatly appreciated.

Neal has since provided us with a warm, dry, healthy home. The heat pump broke down twice during the cold winter weather and each time Neal promptly had the heat pump providers out to get it going again before deciding to replace it for brand new. Not only has the new pump been very effective in keeping our rental warm and dry, it has lowered our power bills.

The dishwasher started to leak a few months into our tenancy. Again, Neal promptly had a maintenance person come to assess and fix the problem. When we requested to take over the care of the garden ourselves Neal kindly reduced our rent accordingly to take into account the contracted garden/lawn companies fees.

To us communication is everything and Neal has never let us down on this score. He always replies to any of our questions promptly, kindly and clearly. We have regular inspection on the rental property and Neal is very thorough and professional with these.  I also like that he takes the time to thank us for caring for his property. 

It is obvious that Neal takes his job as Landlord seriously. He carries out his Landlord obligations thoroughly and cares greatly for his properties as well and his tenants. He does his upmost to make our time as tenants a stress free process which we greatly appreciate. 

Andrew and Samantha Elborough