The Richards Family

Our family viewed and shortly after moved into one of Neal’s properties in 2019.  As we were new to town and the country, Neal provided us with much needed security through a long term rental agreement, which he has kindly renewed at minimal rental increases during our stay. 

We are very lucky to have such a helpful and hands-on landlord.  He always responds promptly to any maintenance items:  He has kindly installed a security gate to keep our toddler contained in the yard, oven / garage door opener / fencing repairs, dishwasher & hot water cylinder replacement.  He is always available and is prompt to attend to any issues.

Rental inspections are well arranged and a great time to catch up with Neal in person.  Our agreement has an additional lawn and gardening service included!


Our family is fortunate to live in a nice warm and healthy home. We’re very appreciative of the great service we receive from Neal!


The Richards Family