The Edsall Family

I think Neal is a first-place getter for landlord of the year because of his compassion and his ability to make a personal and genuine connection with people.

I first got in contact with Neal while I was still in Christchurch and looking remotely for a rental property. I had no connections in Blenheim that I could easily call on to look around the property, so Neal suggested a live video tour – convenient and timely.

I remember when I got up there, I had problems connecting the power. Neal was at hand and was happy to let me use his phone to contact the power company and showed real concern for my predicament.

Neal was able to give me and my family some good information about the area we moved into as we were new. He also gave us the benefit of his insights into schools in the area – as he has a son the same age as mine. In addition to the information, he was even able to pass on some uniform items for us too.

My wife was applying for a resident’s visa and Neal was constantly able to provide us with various documents requested by the Immigration Department. He did so very promptly and provided high quality references.

I think another thing that qualifies Neal for landlord of the year is the fact that he is open and responsive to communication. I know I can contact him by email or phone and he will reply almost immediately. 

Because we have a good relationship, I am able to be open with him about maintenance issues and inspections. Neal always gives us plenty of time before inspections and promptly follows up on issues that we identify.

Neal has provided us with a high-quality living space. The house has been insulated really well and has air circulation systems and so needs less heating – it is clear that Neal would live here too. Our rental property comes with a contracted mower of the lawn which is helpful as we don’t have to buy a mower.

Something I am extremely grateful for is that Neal has kept the rent at the same price during our tenancy despite the unfavorable economic conditions even after a second tenancy renewal.

Neal is a great person to have as a landlord as he communicates with us well and he is prompt in his communications, but more than that, he has a genuine interest and compassion for his tenants. I believe that that is plenty to qualify him for landlord of the year.

The Edsall Family